VDB Insights seeks to provide insights on global issues and to promote responsible leadership, based on scientific research and the practice of conscious awareness.

We live in extraordinary times. Never in history has the world been as globally interconnected and as fast-paced as today. In many industries we are facing paradigm shifts. We know that the old path is no longer sustainable but the new solutions are not quite here yet. One consequence of this is that leaders from all industries – business, politics, NGOs – are required to lead in increasingly uncertain and rapidly changing environments.

Many of us want to have a positive impact – not just on our own lives but also on those of others. We want our leadership to be meaningful and to contribute towards finding solutions for more sustainable systems. However, most of the time it seems as if we are missing the facts and tools to do so. Developing solutions to large-scale issues, such as global financial instability or environmental pollution, requires detailed knowledge of rather complex subjects. Just following the “news” is insufficient to form an opinion on these complex matters. However, reading lengthy scientific reports is usually neither an option nor desirable. Insights aims to address this by working with leading experts and universities to bring science-based research to non-academic leaders who want to develop an informed opinion on some of the hottest global issues we are currently facing.

Yet sometimes it is not just the facts we are missing. Rather it is the ability to perceive a situation from a completely different perspective. The problem with that is that most of us have never learned how to use our brain effectively. We tend to respond habitually in the same patterns and get trapped in repetitive thoughts and emotions. Through practicing “conscious awareness” or “mindfulness”, we can learn how to unwire these patterns and thereby increase our analytical as well as our intuitive capacity. These techniques are not part of what we were taught at university, but they are an essential skill for leaders operating in today’s highly demanding environments. VDB Insights is dedicated to sharing the latest research on mindfulness and brain optimization for a new generation of conscious leaders.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein