Our values

As a privately owned Swiss family company, we have a long-term-oriented investment focus, working as a trusted entrepreneurial sparring partner alongside the companies we invest in. Our philosophy is rooted in a number of important values that drive our investment decisions. With all our portfolio companies, we strive to follow the business guidelines that are close to our hearts, both as an entrepreneurial family and as a long-term-focused investor:


We invest for the long-term and support the management teams of our companies in generating lasting sustainable returns.


We thrive on offering innovative solutions to our customers that address real-world challenges and problems and consequently improve our customers quality of living.


We believe entrepreneurs and companies today should aspire to follow a business strategy that goes beyond just profits, combining the goal of sustainable economic success with the ambition of making a measurable positive social impact on the world we live in.


We take pride in presenting attractive, fair, motivational and 100% gender-equal employment opportunities across our companies. We believe in the power of ongoing education and invest in the development of our employees on a regular and ongoing basis.


Together with our management teams and our employees we aim to achieve sustainable long-term growth, customers and other stakeholders. This includes a strong focus on constantly measuring and improving our impact on the planet we live on and limiting our companies’ CO2 footprint as much as possible.


We believe in the power of living and working in a global world, where synergies and positive learning between cultures, nations, religions, ages and genders can create lasting opportunities for everyone.