Love, safety and education for children

The experiences we make as young children impact us for the rest of our lives. Whether they are fear-based or love-based makes all the difference. At a young age, we are at the mercy of our environment, we depend on the people around us, and we imitate and adapt to the behavior that we see around us for our own survival.

Unfortunately, too many children are still growing up deprived of basic needs such as love, food, safety and education. We would like to make a small contribution towards improving this situation by supporting projects that address these needs in a hands-on, personal and professional manner. We are currently looking for a strategic partner to work with us.

Developing mindful young female leaders

VDB Group is currently developing a non-profit program to raise the awareness of young women and to help them on their path towards responsible leadership. As children we depend on those around us. But as young adults, we must start taking responsibility for our lives. Irrespective of how our childhood may or may not have been like, we are ultimately responsible for living the life we envision for ourselves.

We want to help talented young women to assume this responsibility for themselves and for others, as they become young leaders with a positive impact in this world. This means not only to help them define their personal goals but also to develop their abilities to thrive in the face of uncertainty and difficulty. Generally, this is not what we are taught at university. Instead, we tend to learn these skills later in life, the hard way, when we are faced with the reality that life usually turns out a little different from how we had planned it. Would it not make much more sense to teach young adults effective tools to deal with these situations as early as possible? Moreover, we seek to give these young potentials the opportunity to improve their knowledge of specific global issues and to connect with inspirational thought leaders.