VDB Global Investment is the investment company of VDB Group, owned 100% by the von der Becke family and led by its Founder and CEO Reto von der Becke. It follows a very entrepreneurial and long-term oriented investment focus,  investing in majority or significant minority shareholdings of promising companies in the German speaking small cap segment. To ensure a healthy portfolio diversification, we furthermore invests selectively in private debt, public equity and real estate, together with experienced partners in these segments.

For companies seeking a new ownership structure VDB Global offers a unique combination of available equity capital, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and significant personal in-depth strategic management expertise in helping small and mid-cap companies to further develop and grow successfully on a global scale. Unlike financial investors VDB Global only invests capital from its own funds, allowing us to follow a very long term investment horizon, coupled with very short decision making processes and a truly entrepreneurial investment approach. We have no limit to how long we keep the ownership of any of our portfolio companies, allowing us to really focus, together with our partners and the responsible management team, on the successful development of the underlying business.

We look for opportunities where we can add value, acquiring a company with a strong sales, distribution and marketing potential. The possibility to expand operations globally, as well as the possibility to embrace digital and service related opportunities, can be attractive characteristics of companies we would like to work with.

Here some other Investment Criteria of VDB Global Investment:

Investment Focus

  • Only controlling investments (majority or significant minority)
  • Active support of operational management
  • No Start-ups

Financial Criteria

  • Revenues of €2-€80+ Mn
  • EBITDA positive (or close to that)
  • Track record of solid revenues
  • Attractive growth potential

Target Criteria

  • HQ in D/A/CH Region
  • International expansion potential
  • Buy & Build potential
  • Sales & marketing critical component of business plan

Preferred Sectors

  • Consumer Goods
  • Lifestyle
  • Education
  • Business Services
  • Health/Social Services
  • Direct Marketing


Interested? Then get in touch with us via info@vdbgroup.com, we look forward to hearing from you!